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Thanks for visiting European Standard Bank. You're at the starting point of a new experience that offers the freedom of innovative financial service and independence of Internet for private persons and legal entities. With European Standard Bank, you spend less time managing your finances and more time doing what you want.

We offer many professional services for our clients through our unique online secure system. It's taken years of client input, a lot of ingenuity, and a team of very creative developers to bring you the efficiency and ease of use that we're so proud of.

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Commitment & Development

Given the realities of the today's World, it is imperative to find new and innovative ways to stimulate capital flows towards sustainable development. It is clear that official development assistance alone will never be sufficient to have a significant impact on poverty reduction. The mobilization of private funding is, therefore, a significant shift in conventional thinking and should be encouraged and its efforts harnessed to ensure maximum impact. At the same time, the United Nations (UN) along with many development organizations, recognize the need to increasingly support local private sector and small enterprise development in developing countries and countries with economies in transition as a basis for achieving their development mandates. There are many examples of partnerships between UN agencies and Corporations that support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) development.

The publication "Building Partnerships: Cooperation between the United Nations System and the Private Sector" includes more than 150 examples of partnerships between UN Agencies and the private sector and a comprehensive review of the many ways in which the private sector can work with UN Agencies in support of SME development. In order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, including the goal of reducing by 50% the number of people living in extreme poverty by 2015, it will be necessary to stimulate the development of the private sector in developing countries, including the SME sector. In this context many important actors must play valuable roles. The role of different partners may vary depending on the nature and context of the initiative. In cases, which are linked to business operations, partnership can be valuable in helping to facilitate relationships.

Supporting economic development is in the interests of the European Standard Bank, as the more vibrant the local economy, the better environment for doing business. There are often overlapping interests with government, development agencies and consumers on this issue, which link to branding benefits and developing closer relationships with government.

That is why, to open an account with European Standard Bank, you must recognize UN, United Nation development programs and have references from our clients. Without such references, new accounts are not available.

European Standard Bank is the first in the World independent private Direct Clearing financial institution for direct clearing between private persons and direct clearing between enterprises based on European Standard Bank's owner responsibility instead of Central Bank's license.


European Standard Bank is private owned legally created in Panama in 2004 year in accordance with Panamian Law with power to provide financial services up to 2104 year. Documents of European Standard Bank legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama.
European Standard Bank is not Panamian Company or Panamian Corporation with banking name.
European Standard Bank was created based on Legal Know-How of his owner.
European Standard Bank in not licensed Panamian Bank and is not listed in Panamian Banks Registry because procedure of European Standard Bank creation does not require obtain such license. From 2009 November First, European Standard Bank is a dependent financial institution (and member of financial group) of 'ESB Monetary S.A.' - licensed non-offshore Panamian financial corporation Incorporated under the Laws of the Republic of Panama (Law No. 32 of 1927) by public instrument No. 20,648 executed before Notary Public Ten of the Circuit of Panama on October 6th, 2009 recorded in the Public Registry Office October 20th, 2009, Panama, Microfilm (Mercantile) Section, at Micro Jacket 678763, Document 1666682. Total Reg. Number 16666-1-678763 DV 22. All activity of European Standard Bank is covered by license (Aviso de Operacion) number 1666682-1-678763-2009-187950 issued in favor of ESB Monetary SA by Ministry of Commerce and Industry General Direction of Internal Commerce. License is valid from 2009 November 1 for unlimited time. ESB Monetary S.A. not only grant his financial license in behalf of European Standard Bank but also on regular basis provide supervision of European Standard Bank financial activity and keep it in strict confidence with Law of Republic of Panama and International Law.

European Standard Bank does not provide information about his clients to any government organizations. That is why during 2004-2007 European Standard Bank was attacked from different government structures who try obtain data about clients. People from South African police (worked under nicknames as independent internet observes), worked under US Patriot Act several times de-stabilized European Standard Bank online services with intent to show European Standard Bank as hard criminal structure who serve criminal World. These people ignored our legal documents of registration and continue to act against European Standard Bank as against blacklisted criminal organization. So if you will open account with European Standard Bank you have risk to lose from time to time our valuable service because such attack can persist. We haven't possibility to struggle with system.


European Standard Bank is not UN structure and not linked with UN organizations in any way. European Standard Bank has not any agreements with UN, but we support UN programs because they help people to struggle with poverty in the World.


European Standard Bank placed logo UN and UN organizations only for provide links to their internet resources. It does not mean UN is owner of European Standard Bank or UN provide any guarantee for European Standard Bank clients or services. It also does not mean UN have with European Standard Bank any co-operation.


Stuff of European Standard Bank is willing to provide long term honest service for honest people World Wide and guarantee stability and privacy for your finance up to 2104 year.


Please note in any case in any circumstances European Standard Bank will be provide for our clients safe service. We guarantee to pay out of all your funds placed to accounts of European Standard Bank before European Standard Bank will be closed. We believe the World must change into better in nearest future.