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FAQ list

Discover our frequently asked questions and answers

We have attempted throughout our web site to answer most concerns however, sometimes we have other questions which we will add to this page from time to time. Since we have only recently started up this web service there are perhaps a few key questions that need to be and should be answered.

Communication policy
Do you accept payment from Eurocredit?
How can I change my Contact Information?
How do I send money to my bank account?
How safe is my money in the European Standard bank?
Where is the European Standard Bank located?
Will my banking be private?

Q. Communication policy

A. Due to the importance of accuracy, European Standard Bank will mostly not communicate by telephone with anyone. All communications should be in writing. This is to protect both our customers and the European Standard Bank from any frivolous claims or suits. Therefore clients may contact us by encrypted forms only. Such contact information is available under the “Contact Us” link on our main page. You can still have one to one conversation with your account officer in case of international transactions.

Q. Do you accept payment from Eurocredit?

A. We do not have an account with Eurocredit, therefor direct transfers from Eurocredit accounts will not work. However, we give the credits.

Q. How can I change my Contact Information?

A. You can not change your contact information. But you can "Open new account" reference code for new account holder, and create new account.

Q. How do I send money to my account with European Standard Bank?

A. Once an account is opened, you will be assigned an account officer. Your account officer will inform you on how to send money to your account.

Q. How safe is my money in the European Standard Bank?

A. Funds held for clients of European Standard Bank are held in correspondent banking accounts. These banks are major banks with solid reputations and are governed by their respective countries. Our primary correspondent bank uses major banks to hold client deposits. In addition, funds held on deposit are not used for leverage or loan purposes, so 100% of deposits are held in cash at all times. The European Standard Bank’s sole revenues come from the usage fees it charges the clients of the bank. Most banks that have faced fore closure were heavily into mortgages or lending where the assets diminished in value making it impossible for the bank to honor its obligations. This cannot and will not happen with European Standard Bank.

Q. Where is the European Standard Bank located?

A. European Standard Bank is located in Europe. Its operations are spread around the World. Deposits are held in Europe or in some other correspondent banks associated with us.Administration personnel is located in European Countries and some others countries. Due to the nature of the internet and internet banking possibilities, we do not maintain a physical head office in one place only. This is to ensure absolute protection and privacy of banking information for our clients and limit the jurisdiction of any government to obtain full disclosure about any account holder.

Q. Will my banking be private?

A. The government of European Union support anonymity and privacy. Since European Standard Bank is subject only to this anonymity, there is little chance that privacy will ever be compromised. In addition, European Standard Bank has set up systems whereby even the most diligent of investigators or computer experts will not be able to trace the movement of client funds accurately. When we say “anonymous” we mean it. Even known client data is stored on a secret database elsewhere and scrambled using military grade scrambling algorithms. Access records to our site are also routinely eliminated to prevent anyone from knowing who even contacted the European Standard Bank.

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